The design for “Waterhen Special” came from my husbands fishing tackle box. I viewed each tiny fishing lure as a piece of art; the lure accompanied by one of Tom’s fishing stories is priceless.Something Fishy: We typically eat what we keep, so it’s pretty difficult to mount one of the big fish we have caught in the river over the years. I decided to create a representation of all those that we let get away. Although it is much more whimsical than the real thing; we all enjoy its presence at the cabin.

My Waterhen Mermaid’s name is Aurora and she is becoming quite a legend along the shores of the Waterhen River; recent folklore tales include “she got away, but I saw her” “She took my hook”; “she enchanted me so that I couldn’t make it back to the cabin for supper”; and my all time favorite; “I didn’t do that ; the Waterhen Mermaid did”.

Are you beginning to see a theme to my creative thought process developing here? If so, you are on track with my love for Waterhen Manitoba.

I was inspired to create She Dances as a tribute to my paternal grandparents, particularly grandma because she always dreamed of me taking up Polish Dancing. Unfortunately, I had two left feet and dancing would never come easy to me. Fortunately, design and textile artistry did and has allowed me the creative freedom to express my love for the visual aspect of dancing. I envision that “she dances” represents the instant when a dancer is completely immerse into the music; feeling the rhythm sweep her off her feet into a brief repose of her own.


  • Canadian Quilters Association, Member since 2004
  • American Quilters Association, Member
  • Dauphin Art Club, Member
  • Crocus Quilters Guild, President (2010 – 2015; 2019), Member since 1992.
  • Autumn Splendor Quilt Festival (2010 & 2013), Chairperson
  • Quilt for Change.  Founding Advisory Team. Canadian Representative
  • Studio Art Quilters Association (SAQA), Member, Western Canada Representative (2013 – 2014)
  • Fiber Arts Network (FAN), Canada.  Member
  • Textile & Fibre Artists of Manitoba.  Member
  • Modern Quilt Guild, Member


  • November, 2009 – Exhibitor. Geneva, Switzerland. Global Funds Challenge to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria and the U.S. Mission to the United Nations in Geneva
  • Summer, 2010 – Exhibitor. 11 quilt shows in the USA. Shows curated by Mancuso Quilt Festivals Inc.
  • April, 2010 – Exhibitor. Quilt Canada.  Trendtex challenge.
  • March, 2011 – Exhibitor. Peace Quilt Exhibit. Geneva, Switzerland.  Quilt for Change with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Women, Peace and Security Challenge
  • July, 2011 – Exhibitor. Zurich, Switzerland.  Peace Quilts Exhibit.  World YWCA Council Conference
  • March 5 – Exhibitor. April 20, 2012. United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) “Peace Quilts” New York, New York.
  • April, 2012 – Exhibitor. Quilters Expo East in Providence, Rhode Island
  • April, 2012 – Exhibitor. UN Women Global to Local
  • June (2009 – 2013) Exhibitor. Dauphin Public Library Guild Challenge.
  • November, 2012. International Quilt Market and Festival.  Houston TX. Women, Peace & Security Quilt Exhibit. “Danger Zone” & “All Women Matter”
  • May, 2012 – Rural Manitoba Art Show, Dauphin, MB. Viewer’s Choice Winner; “She Dances”
  • August, 2012, Assiniboine Gallery, Winnipeg, MB; “She Dances”
  • June, 2013, Exhibitor for International Quilt Festival Chicago. “She Dances”
  • August, 2013 – Exhibitor for International Quilt Festival, Long Beach, California
  • November, 2013, Exhibitor. International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston, TX. “She Dances”
  • September, 2013 Exhibitor Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza. Solar Sisters Exhibit; “Behind the Darkness”.
  • September, 2013. Autumn Splendor Quilt Show, Dauphin, MB.  Exhibitor
  • March, 2014, Exhibitor. QuiltFest of New Jersey, Solar Sisters Exhibit.
  • March, 2014, Exhibitor. QuiltFest Destinations, Savannah, GA; Solar Sisters Exhibit.
  • May, 2014, Exhibitor. Denver National Quilt Festival; Solar Sisters Exhibit.
  • June, 2014, Exhibitor. International Quilt Festival Chicago; “Waterhen Special”
  • August, 2014 – , Exhibitor. World Quilt Show New England, New Hampshire. Women, Peace & Security Exhibit.
  • Fibre Arts Network, Exhibitor
  • Quilt For Change, Water is Life
  • September, 2016. Autumn Splendor Quilt Show, Dauphin, MB.  Exhibitor
  • Sept, 2016 Exhibitor. Water is Life. “Precious” & “She Brings Water” Rome, Italy
  • November, 2016, Exhibitor. International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston, TX. Special Exhibit: Water is Life; “Precious”
  • November, 2016 Solo Exhibit. Mid-West Arts Council.  Hamiota, Manitoba
  • 2017 SAQA Trunk Show “Let’s Go Fishing
  • Feb-April 2017 Exhibitor. Water is Life. “Precious” & “She Brings Water” New England Quilt Museum
  • Sept – December, 2018. Human Rights Institute Gallery. Kean University Union, New Jersey
  • September/October 2018, Watson Arts Gallery, Dauphin, Manitoba; “For the Love of Quilting” Guild Exhibit.
  • Sister Artists Exhibit. Global North Sister Artist (2019/20)


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  • Quilting Connections Magazine (Fall 2011 & Winter 2012/13)
  • Machine Quilting Unlimited Magazine (July 2016)
  • Ekphrastic, FAN Exhibit Collector Book
  • The Human Rights Institute Gallery. Water is Life “Precious” feature photos (Sept – Dec/18)