Art Quilters uses both modern and traditional techniques to create unique objects of art.  Artists experiment with textile manipulation, colour, texture and diverse mixes of media and surface designs. Whether your plan is to “re-make” a pattern or to design original works of art; I am ready to support you on your journey as an art quilter. I invite you to unleash your individual style as you join me virtually, where together we will explore a vast array of unique art quilting techniques.

I look forward to providing you with a selection of inspirational & fun virtual based & self-paced workshops. I will be sharing my best tips and techniques with you or your group. Dewpoint Arts workshops are easily adjustable to small & large groups. While we are social distancing due to COVID and in person teaching has been put on hold; Workshops will be presented virtually over Zoom, private FaceBook Groups as well as a few self-paced learning options.

If there are other techniques or classes you would like to see me offer online, please let me know.