Modern & Artistic Techniques to Explore

Painted Applique: Charming Little Wishes

In Mexico. little wishes are represented by tiny charms called Milagros.

Milagros are religious folk charms that are traditionally used for healing purposes and as votive offerings in Mexico.  Let the artisans of Chiapas & Oaxaca regions of Mexico be the base of inspiration to you throughout this workshop.  Because Mexico is not only margaritas & sandy beaches.  Mexico is Culture, Tradition, Art, Vibrant Colorful Food & Lifestyle.

You will learn a bit about the culture, the cuisine & the colours of Mexico all while you create an appliquéd and thread painted keepsake that will make you want to shake your maracas!

Quiltin’ the Kitchen

Create a beautiful raw edge appliqué of your favourite recipe or meal.
Design & finishing techniques will be discussed.

Creative ala mode

CREATIVE A LA MODE – Art Quilting Adventure

There is a time right before I finish a project that I spend moment reflecting on the effort that was put into it. This is the very same time I cringe to think what others would say if they saw my disasterous sewing space.

You are invited to delve into my ‘creative a la mode’ and share my excitement for the inspired process and passion for art quilting. Working from a photograph for inspiration, participants will discover a treasure trove of ideas, exercises, tips, and techniques for unlocking creativity.

Be warned inspiration can and likely will pop out of anywhere. This is a two-day workshop.

art quilting


You will be amazed with how fun & freeing it is to design with Water-soluble pencils, ink sticks and acrylics.  In this workshop we will create a fun one of a kind work of art.

I will share some tips and tricks for using various textile friendly mediums so you can pick your favorite then mix and match for best effect.


Never tackled a machine-quilted project or want to improve your skills?

A little afraid of the words “free motion”?

Dawn will share with you her many “tricks of the trade” along with simple exercises and suggestions to give you confidence to try these various techniques.

Thread Painting


More tricks and a few treats for the more adventureous quilter.  Don’t be afraid!  Have fun! We will do lots of playing with fabric and colour during this workshop.  The format can be suitable for one or two-day events.


Create your own collaged appliqué of your favorite animal or object using fabric scraps. Use a favourite picture to create  your own design and create a beautiful collaged animal.

Design – Create – Repeat

Have fun creating a one of a kind piece of art. Spend the day learning design concepts related to composition and colour.

Start with one, two or more fabrics and each hour receive a set of instructions – 5 sets in all to complete this little art project. For example instruction #1 will be to create a background using two or more of your fabrics, instruction #2 will be designed to add to the background with each following instruction building on the previous hour’s results.

See how many different techniques can be incorporated into the piece using all kinds of media. Multiple techniques will be discussed, demonstrated and used such as creating texture with Texture Magic, curved piecing and couching to name a few.

This little project is a lots of fun and will get your creative juices flowing.  

One or two-day workshops, & custom content are available.  

Please contact me for pricing and available dates.