Dewpoint Arts Workshops

Creative Expression Series: Milagro

In Mexico, little wishes are represented by tiny charms called Milagros. The charms are traditionally used for healing purposes and as votive offerings in Mexico. Let the artisans of Chiapas & Oaxaca regions of Mexico be the base of inspiration to you throughout this workshop. Because Mexico is not only margaritas & sandy beaches.

Using Intense Pencil & blocks, appliqué and thread you will create a keepsake that will make you want to shake your maracas!  I will walk you through how to create your own designs and lay them out with some stitching and appliqué embellishments and finishing options as well. This is a great technique to enhance your other quilts. There are videos, templates and links so that you can get a clear picture of how I created my small piece.

I will also be teaching you how to:

  • Blend
  • Choose Colours
  • Apply colours and medium
  • Create your own unique templates to colour
  • How to add details
  • How to Shade
  • Creating highlights
  • How to finish
  • How to incorporate into other quilts

You will be introduced to the Apliquick method of appliqué .

ZOOM and Self Paced Learning options available.

Creative Expression Series: Bojagi

Have a fun day creating a one of a kind piece of art while we focus on the ancient art of Bojagi. You will spend the day learning design concepts related to composition and colour while using your fabric scraps. This technique is a great way to use newly purchased linen, silk & even heirloom linens. For the person who appreciates simple elegance; this technique is for you. Bojagi is a Korean textile technique which roughly translates as ‘covering’ or ‘wrapping cloth’.  Bojagi is traditionally a square piece of cloth skillfully constructed from a variety of scrap leftovers.  Modern machine techniques will be shared as well as ancient ‘slow-stitching’ hand techniques will be shown.

Creative Expression Series:  Notan

Nōtan is a Japanese design concept involving the play and placement of light and dark elements as they are placed next to the other in the composition of art and imagery. Our goal during this fun and creative workshop is to create a NOTAN design using fabric; remove negative spaces from the positive space then flip the negative space so that it mirrors the positive space; then finally, using your preferred raw-edge applique technique; affix all pieces onto the background.  This is a great project and presents very well through the ZOOM platform.

Trunk Show A-la-Mode

You are invited to delve into my ‘creative a la mode’ and share my excitement for the inspired process and passion for art quilting.

During the COVID pandemic isolation the trunk show is presented via ZOOM or a private Facebook group.

Light As A Feather Skill Builder

This is a time for No fear, no worries, it’s time to just have a bit of fun experimenting with a variety of techniques.

This is a beginner demo based class focusing on discovery and exploration of a variety of quilting techniques.

Students will begin by deciding on a theme. Feathers will be demonstrated however flower, butterfly & cat patterns will also be available.

ZOOM and Self Paced Learning options available.

The Ipad as a Quilting Tool

Wow! It’s amazing what types of tasks your iPad & Apple pencil can handle. I have lots of tricks up my sleeves to share. I will show you how to integrate your drawing skills with this amazing design too! For those with limited drawing skills do not fear; all levels will enjoy the techniques.  

Students will begin their day with a lecture, video instruction, and hands-on practice. Handouts with project goals & useful references will be provided.   recap the previous days lessons, answer questions, finally we will review the student homework.

Students will have plenty of in class opportunity to explore on their own, ask questions and interact with other participants. We will finish wth an inspirational Show & Share.
Basically, the only equipment required for the class is an Ipad and an interest in Quilting.

ZOOM and Self Paced Learning options available.