This year was a rather busy year for us in more ways than one.

Wedding Social, Bridal Shower, and a wedding that spanned almost two weeks long!

The bride and groom are my son and new daughter in law; so needless to say they were spoiled with quilts.

First I made a quilt that was raffled off at their Wedding Social.

Then the backdrop quilt was made. This is a one piece digitally printed design, from a digital printer in the states;  I was able to created this keepsake with the assistance of the young couple. They provided me with the inspiration and using Adobe Illustrator and a few bottles of wine (white) it was complete.

Another quilt floated in …this was a work in progress and the original “wedding Quilt” i pieced the whole thing last summer while I was out at the cabin and tom was fishing.  The pattern gave me some trouble but once again a bottle of wine and a seam ripper made the problems go away very fast.

And here is the quilt hanging on the deck in their yard.

And they shall live happily ever after!  Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Piasta

And thank you for the amazing skills of Lori Suss, Night Owl Quilting she executed my vision precisely!